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Introducing Kerio APIs Client Library for PHP version 1.1

NEW DELHI, India, July 19, 2012 – It’s been only a few months since Kerio released the first version of the Kerio APIs Client Library for PHP. Simple and intuitive library which makes access to the Kerio Connect server for programmers easier.

And since you spoke, Kerio listened.

Highly positive feedback from the community, partners and end users allowed Kerio to bring an updated version of the library, which contains more than a bunch of new examples for the administration of Kerio Connect server and some new sample applications while delivering the support of other Kerio products, currently marked as API in progress.

About Kerio APIs Client Library for PHP

Kerio APIs Client Library for PHP (i.e. kerio-api-php) is designed as a layer between user application and Kerio Connect server. With kerio-api-php, you can easily communicate directly with your Kerio Connect server without diving deep into underlining JSON-RPC architecture. Encapsulation of JSON requests and response is done automatically by the library.

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