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New Kerio Control UTM 8.3 redefines ease of user management

Kerio Control UTM security appliance continues Kerio’s leadership position in enterprise class network security with unsurpassed ease of use for both IT admins and end users. Kerio Control 8.3 adds new capabilities such as reverse proxy, blocking of unrecognized IP addresses, and bandwidth management inside VPN tunnels, while bringing significant improvements and ease of use to the creation and management of traffic rules, and automatic device login for end users when connecting to the network.

Reverse Proxy Server

A reverse proxy allows multiple web sites and web servers to be hosted securely behind the firewall using a single routable IP address.

  • IPS and Antivirus filtering apply to the reverse proxy. Content rules do not.
  • Bandwidth rules can be applied to each physical or virtual server hosted behind the firewall, but cannot be applied to reverse proxy rules.

A reverse proxy acts a a single inbound access point to any web or file servers that you put behind the firewall. This has a number of benefits including…

  • Increased security – back-end server topology and network characteristics are hidden from the outside world
  • Simplified authentication – a single point of authentication for all services behind the reverse proxy
  • Simplified SSL certificate management – eliminates needs for certificates on each back end web server, while moving load of encrypting/decrypting HTTPS traffic off of the web servers

Additional benefits of the reverse proxy include:

  • Caching of content to preserve network bandwidth
  • Load balancing
  • Support for IPv6

Step-by-step wizard for Traffic Rules

The brand new Traffic Rules screen in the Kerio Control security appliance web admin greatly simplifies the creation and management of traffic rules. It provides a very intuitive interface which greatly reduces the time needed to configure and manage traffic rules. This easy-to-use mantra is what sets Kerio Control UTM apart from other UTM appliances.

  • Create new traffic rules following a step by step wizard
  • Use search to locate a rule in a large list of rules
  • Organize services into groups
  • Choose from more colors to better differentiate between rules
  • Test rules against defined criteria
  • “Last used” column helps identify unnecessary rules when cleaning up

Automatic User Login & Device Management

Kerio Control UTM further simplifies the authentication of users on the network. When automatic login is enabled, users bypass the firewall login dialog and are authenticated by the hardware address (MAC address) of the their device. This means they can switch between wired and wireless networks without having to manually re-login.

  • New “Login User Automatically by MAC” option in Active Hosts
  • MAC address added to Active Hosts screen

IT admins also benefit with improved identification of devices on the network.

Other New Features

  • Block IP addresses not assigned by the DHCP server
  • Apply bandwidth management rules inside VPN tunnels (site-to-site)
  • Automated configuration backup to FTP server (in addition to
  • The Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) now scans IPv6 traffic
  • New product branding and new license registration wizard

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