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Kerio Operator

Goodbye phone technician, hello phone system freedom.

Kerio Operator for the business owners.For the business owner

Designed for reliable flexibility, professional sound, employee usage monitoring, and serious cost savings.

Kerio Workspace for the end users.For the end user

Designed for ease of use, individual customization, and complete integration with email and mobile devices.

Kerio Workspace for the IT administrators.For the IT administrator

Designed for quick setup, low maintenance, full remote administration & monitoring, and robust IP PBX security.

Kerio Operator redefines VoIP for small business

Kerio Operator is a small business phone system. Using VoIP, it simplifies voice communications while offering advanced phone features typically associated with enterprise phone systems like conference calls, call forwarding, call pickup, call recording, ring groups, office voicemail to email, Busy Lamp Field (BLF), auto attendant, and call queues.

Since Kerio Operator utilizes your existing data network with the industry standard SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) to transmit and manage calls, management of the phone system has now shifted from a phone expert to the IT administrator. It has an intuitive web interface so that previously expensive basic and common tasks like adding/changing/deleting office phone extensions can be done quickly and without expert help. It’s now much more practical and affordable for a small business to sound big.

Please refer to the below video:

Kerio Operator
Kerio Operator


Online Admin Console Demo
(Read Only)

User Name: admin-en
Password: kerio

Online Kerio Operator My Phone Demo
User Name: admin-en
Password: kerio

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