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Samepage is the industries favorite file sharing and social collaboration platform for the mobile workforce.


The benefit of pages on Kerio SamePageThe benefit of pages

Pages allow teams to organize and share a wide variety of content in a single view. Instead of jumping between programs to find files, conversations, and project details, now your team can find it all organized in one place.

Try rearranging the content on the page to the left, or drag in more content from below. Yeah, it’s that easy.

Powerful file sharing by Kerio SamePagePowerful file sharing

Easily drag & drop files onto a page to access them from any device, anytime, anywhere. No more emailing heavy attachments or wondering who has the latest version. Just send a link to what will always be the most current version of a document.

Then take it a step further. Synchronize your online files to your computer and have your team do the same. Then make a change to a file and watch your team’s copies update automatically, all while keeping version history intact.

Shared events and tasks on Kerio SamePageShared events & tasks

Events and tasks are great tools for managing a project timeline, and as you’d expect, you can add any number of them to a page to help keep the project on track.

Shared events and tasks are viewable on any device. They help keep your team on the same page, even when you’re all traveling in different directions.

Organized conversation on Kerio SamePageOrganized conversation

Each page has space dedicated to displaying the team’s conversation alongside the content. Make a comment on anything, and Samepage will automatically notify all the right people for you.

In addition to saving your team from constantly drafting emails, selecting the same recipients, and adding attachments, comments on Samepage stay organized, so any new member of the project can visit a page and get up to speed quickly.

Flexible sharing options on Kerio SamePageFlexible sharing options

Simple sharing controls allow you to easily broadcast your pages to the whole world, restrict access to a specific group of people, or keep it just for yourself.

In addition, those who have access to your page can be designated as readers or contributors, giving you control over who can actually modify your content.

Access Kerio SamePage via mobile phones, smart phones and tabletsMobile access

Take Samepage anywhere. Stay current on conversations, quickly browse or search for pages, preview documents and more.

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